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Who is Digital Noir?

Everyone has those days when they know it was a bad idea to get out of bed. Not those mornings where you're nursing anything that happened the night before.  No, I mean those days when something in the air is not copacetic. There is something you just cannot put your finger on, but you know it’s going to be crumbs.  That's the day when I decided to spit into the wind... ​

That's what brought us to where we are.  Spent years in the hamster’s wheel, running, running, and getting nowhere fast.  Worked for everyone who needed my skills hoping to get just a little cabbage in return.  Started out at 

Marvel Comics doing every racket that was asked of me from running for coffee to fixing artwork and everything between. It is where I learned my craft from the big shots in the industry who treated me like family. People who drew a lot of water in this town and still do. The cream of the crop. But like any good drink or tomato with legs, eventually the curtain closes, and you have to move on. 

From there a took my skill all over this two-bit town....  Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony and even Microsoft. 

You name them I was there being their monkey on a string waiting for them to wind up the music box so I could dance and tip my hat. All for the peanuts they throw on the floor.

Now it's time to put some faith in myself. 

Now it's time to grab the world by it's throat and shake it loose.


Welcome to the Digital Noir Studios where Wise Guys are a hard number and the Chicks are a lulu.

We are going to crack open the 30-year-old bottle of booze and pour the world a shoot. 

Original Art Noir Inspired Art Work

Surprises around each corner.  

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